2018 Authors

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* Returning author

** Dayton Book Expo Co-Founders

***Featured Authors



Dan Anderson, author of Duncan’s Drug War

Johnny Augustine, author of Assumptions Can Kill

Holly Bargo, author of Russian Pride

Timothy Barner, author of Eyes of God

*Michelle Bolanger, author of The Light

Betty Bolte, author of Elizabeth’s Hope

Leonette Caldwell ,author of In and Out of Love

Lynn Dalton, author of Dragons, Kings, and the Blazing Slicklizzard Heart Trees

Anthony Dunn, author of The Dreamer & The Believer

David Allen Edmonds, author of Personal Pronouns 

*Tyrone Givens, author of The Bennu Project

Melissa Gore, author of Life Blows

Nathan Green, author of A.T.M

Mary Jo Groves, author of Virion

*Sylvia Hubbard, author of Beautiful

Kathy Laugheed, Author of The Spirit Within

Allie Marie, author of Teardrops of the Innocent: The White Diamond story

Don Miller, author of Two & A Half Minutes

Conor Nicholl, author of Agrathias

Dawn Nolder, author of Corgi Cove

Charles O’Donnell, author of  Shredded: A Dystopian Novel

Terrell Perry, author of About Last Night

Tiffany Reisz, author of The Lucky Ones

Melissa Sasina, author of Lies of Light (Darker Shade of Light #1)

Victoria Scott, author of The Odin Inheritance

Andrew Seiple, author of Threadbare Volume 1: Stuff and Nonsense

Danial Suits, author of The Diner by the Lake

Chris Underwood, author of The Creatures of Holden Beach

Jacqueline Wacaster, author of Fractured Dreams



Tokunbo Adelekan, author of The Arts of Joseph

Andrew Bajda, author of Captured in Liberation

Lisa Boucher, author of Raising the Bottom

**LaTonya Branham, author of CultureSeek

Erica Clark, author of Restored by the Pen

**Valerie J Lewis Coleman, author of Self-Publishing Made Easy

Jeff Daniels, author of My Brother the Boxer: The Terry Daniels Story

Lori Firsdon, author of Lose Your Stuff, Find Yourself

Sharon Ann Hickey, author of It Could Only Happen to Me

Elena Nikitina, author of Girl, Taken – A True Story of Abduction, Captivity and Survival

John Vinturella, author of 8 Steps to Starting a Business

Nicolya Williams, author of The Goal Getter Guide

Ezekiel Walker, author of Black As I Wanna Be



Michael Allen, author of Cain Won’t Come Because He Is Not Abel

*Julius Bailey, author of Be-Longing: Triumph in the Mirror

Richard Michael Baldock, author of Gaining the Victory

Tina Mitrousis-Bouris, author of The Journey; My Near Death Experience to Heaven and Back

Phillitia Charlton, author of The Death of a Lie

Jan Duncan, author of Kingdom Talk Kingdom Walk

Rebecca Flemming, author of Finding Fearless

*Reginald Gibson, author of The Book of Wisdom

Angie Green, author of On the Other Side of Through:Life After Loss

*Melissa Richardson-Ishman, author of Lord Can We Talk?

Stacie Johnson, author of While You Wait

*Tenita Johnson, author of When the Smoke Clears: A Phoenix Rises

Leo Jones, author of Apples of Gold

Tina Jones, author of Love Is…Love Isn’t…

Doris Stokes Knight, author of Black Pearls: Words of Wisdom & Power

Robin JVet  Mobley, author of Power of Tenacity

Timothy Moss, author of Clear Vision in a Dark Place: Leah’s Untold Legacy!

Tezlyn Reardon, author of Forty Years of Practice: Finding Purpose in Pain

Djuana Ross, author of Miss BJB: Overcoming Mistaken Identity

*Daria Dillard Stone, author of Success Powered by Relationships

Zina Stuckey, author of Through Different Eyes

LaTeasa R. Spears, author of Taking the Kingdom by Storm: One Godly Marriage at a Time

Darlene West, author of Finding Your Voice

 LisaBeth Willis, author of The Bounce Back from Heartbreak to Wholeness: 9 Strategies to Reclaim Your Life



Noah Brown, author of An Apple a Day

Bryna Butler, author of Wrong Side of the Grave

Natalie Decker, author of Right Text Wrong Number

Jeri Dokes, author of Dear Aunt Daisy

Christine Gibson, author of Christine’s Big Hair Adventures

*Krysten Hager, author of Dating the It Guy

**Charlotte L. Jenkins,  author of Jayden’s First Vacation: A Day At The Beach

Heather Lester, author of I Love You For You

Tad Liechty, author of Martha and the Mutt

Melissa Martin, author of Tessie Tames Her Tongue

Hanna McCown, author of Elsie’s Easter

Joanne McDonough, author of Dominic’s Ducks

Angela Newman, author of Sunny Sandy: No Pets Allowed at the Zoo

Dara Nichole, Madison Miles and the big, Big move

Dawn Paul, author of Gnomeling

Ryan Quick, author of Speeding by the Dozens

*Linda Rocco, author of The World of Make Believe According to Me

Mousumi Sinha, author of The Gang Learns All About C Major: Scales and Chord Progressions

*CQ Wilder, author of Karla The Dog: Urban Gardening

LaMarqué D. Ward. Sr.,  author of Malik The Difference Maker

Valerie Woebkenberg, author of Miles on the Mayflower