Christopher Joseph

Christopher Joseph

 Christopher Joseph Dayton Book Expo

Road Kill, The Alpha Engagement

 Road Kill The Alpha Engagement Dayton Book Expo

Two adolescent brothers are forever shattered by the untimely murder of their beloved mother at the hands of their disgruntled father. Fate takes the brothers on separate paths. When their paths rejoin thirteen years later, Rashon Turner is classified as an urban statistic, a young streetwise deviant, black and dangerous, ex-con on the run searching for some type of solstice. The once-promising Jaymon Turner is a silent statistic, an atypical lackadaisical youth lost and confused, disaffected “baby boy” attempting to find his way. Pushed by the law and dark forces, fate pushes two desperate men on a new path to clear their names and find deeper meaning in their lives.

Genre: Fiction

Retail: $10.00


City: Dayton, OH

Dayton Metro Library Author



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