Diann Auld Reitelbach

Diann Auld Reitelbach  Diann Auld Reitelbach

Catching the Thief: A Story, A Search, and Schizophrenia

 Catching the Thief

In Catching the Thief: A Story, a Search, and Schizophrenia, Diann Auld Reitelbach shares her and her son’s story of struggling through the crippling disease of schizophrenia. Their journey to find the right treatment spans three decades, ten states, countless doctors, therapies and treatments.

Through her battle to save her son from the storm of schizophrenia, Reitelbach’s determination never wavers. Their story will inspire its readers to never, ever give up.

Genre: Inspirational

Retail: $12.99

ISBN: 978-1625109675

City: Columbus, OH