Doris Stokes Knight

Doris Stokes KnightDoris Stokes Knight

WORSHIP The Foundation for Servants in Worship Arts Ministry

WORSHIP-The Foundation for Servants of the Worship Arts Ministry

This book is designed to help the beginning worshiper to understand the basic principles, history and foundation of Biblical worship. For those serving in a praise and worship ministry, it provides fundamental Biblical background on the origins of worship and how it was utilized in the Old Testament. WORSHIP also provides insight on how the Lord was reverenced as well as the consequences that were suffered by disrespecting the presence of God. EVERYONE serving on a Worship Team should know this content and historical account as it is imperative to understand the basis of any ministry for which you are called to serve.

Genre: Inspirational

Retail: $17.99

ISBN: 978-1466487567

City: Fairfield, OH


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