Jacqueline Wacaster

Jacqueline Wacaster

Fractured Dreams

A tell of a mad man’s conspiracy to eliminate an up and coming U.S. Representative. Dave Caster had once been a top agent in The Agency but chose to shun that life and live in seclusion in the West Virginia mountains. Then one day he finds a mysterious woman with a very limited memory of who she is or how she came to be on his mountain. He decides to help her discover her true identity and finds himself thrust back into the life he had left behind, full of intrigue and danger, as he works against the clock to save a perspective U.S. Representative from a mad man’s plot to assassinate him and reclaim his most trusted assassin from Dave’s possession.

Genre: Fiction

Retail: $19.00

ISBN: 978-1480935815

City: Chillicothe, OH



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