Johnny McDowell

Johnny A. McDowell

Johnny A. McDowell 

A Shift in My World

The Shift

Caught between a life of loyalty and love, Catalina finds herself forced to stand by the side of a man who could cost her her very life. This soft-spoken Honduras princess has to quickly decide whether to live under the cartel’s rule or stand against it. Meanwhile, Stephon is thrown into adulthood by the one man he trusted, Uncle James, the leader of a secret brotherhood that lives by the motto “Use or be used!” Two worlds collide when Stephon and Catalina meet and begin a love affair that is not only forbidden, but deadly. In an attempt to free her people from oppression, she joins forces with Stephon who learns that he must bring down the one man who has taught him everything he knows.

Genre: Fiction

Retail: $17.00

ISBN: 978-0-9898489-0-9

City: Waco, TX