Mogda Walker

Mogda Walker

Mogda Walker

From Faith to Faith

MLynWalker Frt

Two great stories in one fantastic book…

Mack’s Destiny

Macklin McGregor is carnal. Childhood friend, Destiny Harding, is a single mother who wants the real deal. She’s celibate and Mack wants no part of her marriage plans, but finds he can’t outmaneuver God.

Reva’s Journey

Reva Mitchell is running from a gang boss. Melvin Harris, a new believer, is open to the Holy Spirit’s direction although he doesn’t understand love. City drama collides in rural Michigan; where self-discovery and faith is revealed.

Genre: Fiction

Retail: $19.95

ISBN: 978-1-4497-9846-8

City: Merrillville, IN