Rosalind Osinubi

Rosalind Osinubi

Freedom and Justice for All 2Freedom and Justice for All: My Life and Dayton Civil Rights History

Freedom and Justice for All is narrated by Mr. Jessie Gooding, who was born and raised in the Jim Crow south in 1926. He was drafted into the Army Air Corp in 1945 during WWII and was stationed in the Philippines. He returned to an America hostile to his very existence. He relocated from Minden, Louisiana to Dayton, Ohio; hoping to leave segregation behind for a more progressive way of life. Little did he know, Dayton was just has segregated as his hometown and separate-and-unequal was the status quo for Black Americans. Jessie Gooding joined several Civil Rights organizations to join other individuals committed to force change in the areas of employment, education, housing and voting rights. Told from Jessie Gooding’s point of view, Freedom and Justice for All documents his role in making those changes.

Genre: Nonfiction

Retail: $19.95

ISBN: 978-0989720915

City: Dayton, OH