Sandi Latimer

Sandi Latimer

Poodle Mistress, My 27 Years in the Dog House

Poodle Mistress

In the summer of 1973, Sandi was amazed when she met Red, an outdoorsy man who raised toy poodles. When Sandi and Red married nine months later, she became mistress to two dogs. Within a few years, the four-legged family grew.

In this memoir, Sandi shares a tender narrative as the couple loved, cared for and grieved for their cherished dogs which captured their hearts with an insatiable thirst for adventure, protective nature and human-like personalities. Poodle Mistress is a story of unconditional love, devotion and how nine dogs forever changed the lives of a husband and wife.

Genre: Nonfiction

Retail: $13.95

ISBN: 978-1450284288

City: Columbus, OH


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