Stefani Wright

Stefani Qamil Wright

Stefani Qamil Wright 



Micah Green, Charlene Thomas, Eric Baites and Jasmine “Jazzy” Sinclair are all on the hunt for Satisfaction. Micah is the owner of the hottest restaurant in town. She is a drop-dead gorgeous force of nature who seeks her fulfillment with whomever she likes. Eric is in a state of recovery after his fiancé walks out on him leaving nothing behind except her stiletto imprints on his heart.

Battered emotionally and physically by a man she hates, Jazzy is forced to stand up for herself and do the unthinkable to secure her safety. After discovering her husband’s infidelity, Charlene reluctantly begins to accept that no problem is ever solved through denial. Satisfaction is a fiercely sexy and dramatic story about a complex ensemble of young professionals and their respective journeys to claim the desires of their hearts. Four this foursome, Satisfaction is elusive and taunting, but always worth chasing.

Genre: Fiction

Retail: $11.40

ISBN: 978-0982786307

City: Columbus, OH