Tiana Washington

 Tiana Washington

 Tiana Washington

Crescent Sun: Sons of Blood

 Crescent Sun-Sons of Blood Dayton Book Expo

With the impending death of his father, Thayne returns to his realm of Armus to take his place as leader of the vampire clan. Refusing to heed Thayne’s warning, Leelee enters the forbidden corridor and falls into a world of darkness, danger and blood. Driven to the edge of madness from the loss of his son, a wife’s unforgivable mistake and a merciless mother who plays sinister games, Thayne’s wrath erupts and Leelee’s world is left in ruins. Vengeance. Lust. Obedience. Redemption. Devastation.

Genre: Fiction

Retail: $9.99

ISBN: 978-1500680947

City: Columbus, OH



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