2012 Authors

~ Featured author

* Returning author

** Dayton Book Expo Co-Founders

Izola Bird*

The Girlfriend’s List


Linda Hawkins

Yes, Real Women Do Sweat


Adriene Dallas

Psst! Are You Divorced?


Yusuf A. El

Raw Tears


James L. Robinson

From Delinquent to Disciple


Marcella Ashe*

Granny Says

Children’s / Teens



Andrea Attaway-Young*, author of A Secret Treasure

Izola Bird*, author of The Girlfriend List

Deondriea Cantrice, author of When Emotions Lie

Roxanne Fredd, author of If the Drugs Don’t Get U, the Lifestyle Will

Larry Hamilton, author of Between Two Suns: The Berean Experience

W. James Richardson*, author of Misbegotten

Is Said, author of I Been Here Before

Jeff Spieles, author of In Sherman’s Path

Tiana Washington, author of Crescent Sun

Gregory B. Williams*, author of Brotherwood

India Williams, author of The Real Hoodwives of Detroit



Dexter Bailey, author of All In: Creating Success From Within

Wendy Hart Beckman*, author of Communication Tools Made Easy

LaTonya Branham**, author of CultureSeek

Charlotte L. Brown**, author of When the Power Goes Out…Darkness Follows

Valerie J. Lewis Coleman**, author of Self-Publishing Made Easy

Tiffany Colter, author of Earning a Living as a Writer

Thomas Crumm, author of What is Good for General Motors?

Jason Daniels, author of Get Off the Gerbil Wheel

Andrea Foy*, author of Hire Power: How to Find, Get and Keep a Job

Linda Hawkins, author of Yes, Real Women Do Sweat

Kevin Wayne Johnson, author of Know God and Do the Will of God Concerning Your Life

Linda Pauley, author of Effectively Immediately… The Company is Closed



Adriene Dallas, author of Psst! Are You Divorced?

Gail P Miller*, author of True Love Has a Passion for You!

Lyman Montgomery, author of Shattered Masks

Maribeth Norman, author of The Edge of His Garment

Daisy Peterson*, author of The Love of a Faith-Filled Child



Yusuf A. El, author of Raw Tears

Chanell Howard, author of Hibernation “Exploration of a Woman”

Iitishia Hester, author of God is Calling 

Ruth Ann Kibler Peck, author of Rowing Through the Night



James L Robinson, author of From Delinquent to Disciple


Children’s / Teen

Marcella Ashe*, author of Granny Says

Kristina Cardoza~, author of Pinky Bunny’s First Day of Kindergarten

Mary J. Grant, author of My Daddy Taught Me to Read

Toneal Jackson*, author of  Four Girls: A Lot of Choices

Diana Medler, author of Dobbin and the Stardust Trail

Brian Reid, author of The Curve Ball – The History of the Negro Baseball Leagues

Melissa Staehli, author of I Love You to the Moon

Eileen Thomas, author of Child of Naught

Aileen Stewart, author of Fern Valley

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